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As good as your signage may look when new, there’s a good chance it will eventually need replacement.

Colors will fade with prolonged exposure to the elements. Branding may evolve and so can the nature of your business. Rules and regulations might change, putting you at risk of non-compliance and the penalties that may ensue.

Then, too, there’s the “wallpaper” factor. Sooner or later you — and your audience — could become so accustomed to your signage that it will fail to gain notice, thereby defeating its promotional or informational value.

Per a study by the University of Cincinnati, roughly 60% of businesses said that changing the design or enhancing the visibility of their signage had a positive impact. An upgrade increased their sales, the number of transactions and profits by an average of about 10%!

The solution? Conduct a regular audit or review of your facility’s interior, exterior and grounds for signage. Retailers that use a lot of temporary or seasonal signs may benefit from reviews several times per year, while other businesses and organizations might plan on once a year or every other year.

But what to audit? Here are seven tips. During your review, look for:

1.Visibility: Begin with the obvious — can customers see your signage? A basic question, but overgrown foliage can often obscure a sign and so can competing signs — including your own!

2.Colors: Are colors eye-catching and vibrant or is your signage dull and faded? Color has a huge impact on the way prospects view your signs. And know the sun’s UV or ultraviolet rays are a major cause of fading and discoloration.

3.Message: Does your signage correctly communicate the nature of your business? For example, it’s not unusual for a dry cleaner to begin offering alterations. Be sure to check office or resident directories and retailer tenant panels on pylon signs. Is all the information up-to-date?

4.Branding: Have you updated your logo, typeface or corporate colors recently? Your branding should be consistent across all fronts, but signage is often the last element to get an upgrade.

5.Repair: Check for burned-out lights, loose fittings and overall appearance. Per a FedEx Office/Ketchum Global Research study, over 50% of survey respondents indicated that poor signage quality deters them from entering a place of business!

6.Compliance: During your audit, take time to ensure you’re adhering to all of the newest ADA and OSHA regulations as well as your city’s current codes. Non-compliance can incur substantial fines!

7.Space utilization: Don’t focus solely on what you have; imagine the signage you may be missing! Floor and ceiling graphics are but two examples of how once-overlooked signage “real estate” is now being put to good use. Vehicle graphics often represent another great signage opportunity!

For assistance with your signage audit, you can rely on the experts at Raj Creation Signage Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Contact us and set up an appointment. We’ll discuss your needs and find affordable signage and display solutions best-suited to your business or organization. We invite you to learn more about what Raj Creation Signage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can do for you. To get started, call or visit now.

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